Freret St. Po Boy and Donut Shop in New Orleans

Freret St. Po Boy and Donut Shop
4701 Freret St
New Orleans, LA

the store

I had heard that this place has the best donuts in town so I had to go check out this claim. This is definitely one of those hole in the walls. The prices are all really good (Budget Breakfast for $3.50 you get grits, scrambled eggs, bacon or sausage and toast or biscuit). The po boys range from $6 to $12 (they have soft shell crab po boy!) It’s nice to see the original restaurants that have weathered the years on Freret St. get some new company with all the renovations of the neighboring buildings and new restaurants moving in (oooooo competition!)

the twist

Both donuts had that home-made taste to it and they were delicious! There wasn’t much space in here and there were a ton of locals eating breakfast and so I got my donuts to go. The service was very friendly and I will def be back to try one of those blue breakfast plates.

apple fritter

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Hoshun Restaurant in New Orleans

1601 Saint Charles Ave.
New Orleans, LA

cherry and kiwi sauce

Hoshun is literally down the street from where I live and yet in all my years in New Orleans, I hadn’t eaten there until recently. It’s very convenient for “to-go” orders. Just be warned that if you pay with cash, they don’t always give you your change (I hate it when asian restaurants automatically assume that your change is their tip.  I think also that this particular restaurant keeps their cash registers in the back probably for convenience and for safety).

J Pops

These are jalapeno peppers stuffed with snow crab, cream cheese, and crawfish and then deep fried in tempura batter. It is served with kiwi and strawberry drizzle. This is probably my favorite dish at this Chinese/Japanese restaurant. I’m not a huge fan of sushi rolls from these half and half restaurants so the majority of the dishes you see here will be from their Chinese menu.

orange beef

I was surprised to see for small beef filets, covered in a loose breadding and doused in a orange flavored sauce. Not the preparation I am used to seeing. When I cut into it, the breading and sauce completely fell away from the beef…….Was not impressed with this dish and definitely not ordering it again.

Beef chow fun

this beef chow fun was quite good, but lacking in the noodles~! come on, people!

xo beef

this xo beef hit the spot (for a quick dinner on the way home from the hospital). this is a nice restaurant and I hope to check out their happy hour soon but in terms of cheap chinese food, this ain’t it.


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RECIPE: Shabu Shabu

  • Shabu shabu is one of Japan’s most popular dishes and is a glorified fondue. It consists of paper-thin slices of raw beef and raw vegetables, cooked by each diner at the table in a pot of hot broth. The name comes from the sound that is made as the meat is swished through the broth: ‘swish swish.’

    5 spices

  • 2 cups (1 pint) cold water
  • 3 ounces (85 grams) dried ‘kombu’ seaweed*
  • 1 cup dried bonito flakes, optional*
  • 8 ounces (225 grams) sirloin beef, sliced thinly
  • 4 ounces (115 grams) shiitake mushrooms
  • 4 ounces (115 grams) enoki mushrooms, stalks removed
  • 4 ounces (115 grams) tofu, cut into chunks
  • 1 bunch watercress, trimmed
  • Cooked sticky white rice
  • 1 jar ponzu-joyu dipping sauce*
  • *Available at Asian grocery shops


    cutting up veggies


Put the water in a pan and add the dried seaweed. Simmer over a medium heat for about 10 minutes. Pull out the kombu when the water starts to boil. To enhance the flavour you can add some dried bonito flakes 5 minutes before taking the kombu out. It is important not to let the water and kombu boil. Strain the broth, discarding the kombu and bonito flakes.

thinly sliced beef

Place the beef between 2 sheets of cling film and bash with the back of a knife until it is very thin. Slice the beef into thin strips and place on a serving plate.

bring broth to boil

Bring the broth to the boil. Add the shiitake mushrooms, followed by the enoki mushrooms, then the tofu and finally the watercress.

veggies added

Serve this pan of boiling broth at the table immediately and get your guests to cook their beef by dipping it in the broth with chopsticks.

beef in boiling broth

Give each guest a bowl of rice and a bowl for their broth, and a small dish of the ponzu dipping sauce.


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Churros cafe in Metairie, LA

Churros Cafe
3100 Kingman St.
Metairie, LA

the front

This little gem is hidden away in a plaza off Veterans Memorial Blvd in Metairie by the Starbucks and Izzo Burrito. You know it’s the good stuff because the workers in the kitchen area only speak Spanish. The owner who works the cash register is fluent in English though, When I enter the small restaurant, my eye is immediately drawn to the table reserved for the “Cuban Mafia only” hahaha.

These empanadas were good and packed chockful of flavor. The outer crispy skin did not detract from the beefy flavor.

gooey cheese

The cheese is my favorite part of any sandwich and this was no exception. You have no idea how excited I was when I opened my sandwich and saw this gooey cheese.

Cuban sandwich

This Cuban sandwich was voted best in the city and it’s easy to see why. Not a single detail is missed. The bread is toasted with butter and covered with spicy mustard. This sandwich includes ham, roasted pork, swiss cheese, and pickles. Now, I’m not a fan of pickles, but I loved the pickles in this sandwich! The tangy sour pickle flavor offset the sweetness of the toasted butter. The reviews of this place rave about fresh ingredients which I must agree on, and I can definitely vouch for the flavor here!

i want more empanada!

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Boo Koo BBQ in New Orleans, LA

Boo Koo BBQ
(currently hosted by Finn McCool’s Irish Pub)
3701 Banks St.
New Orleans, LA

window that you order at

I had heard about this place but didn’t have a chance to check it out until now. My friend had a groupon and I was dying to try their mac and cheese balls and so we made the trek out to Mid City to dine out. Unfortunately, we went on a Monday night when they have their quiz bowl. It was packed with people playing this trivia game. Kinda hard to enjoy your food when there are people standing around your table, staring at you and waiting to pounce on your table as soon as you get up……….

the specials

I was tempted to get the brisket sandwich but their usual Boo Koo burger which is 100% ground brisket, dressed, with boudin, melted pepper jack and Boo Bang sauce.

Boo Koo Burger

My Boo Koo burger was juicy and delicious! The bread was crisp and toasted, and the Boo Bang sauce was out of this world! It came with some fries on the side which did hold up on their own but the burger was out of this world! Can’t wait to go back and try another burger.

mac and cheese balls

the mac and cheese balls said they had truffle flavoring but that flavor was lost to me. The mac and cheese is rolled in panko bread crumbs and then deep fried and served with Boo Bang sauce. These were awesome! Too bad there’s only 2 in the order.

PB & J burger

My friend had asked the guy at the front window which burger he would eat and he said his current favorite was the PB and J burger. I’ve had the peanut butter and bacon burger at Yo Mama’s and was not impressed so I told her she was on her own. when it came out, she fell in love with it and insisted that I try a bite. I’m glad she did, it was delicious. I think the difference was the jelly, it added a sweetness that adds a “je ne sais quoi” to the burger.

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