Mimi’s in the Marigny

Mimi’s in the Marigny
2601 Royal Street
New Orleans, LA 70117

So three foodies and myself checked out this place and was surprised by the downstairs which turned out to be the bar. Thank God! We ventured upstairs to the restaurant where it was very dimly lit! (A photographer’s nightmare! Thankfully TK had a iphone 4 with a flashlight on it).
We started off the meal with the beef empanadas which was delicious fried yummyness with beef. It was a perfect amount of crispy.
Then the goat cheese croquetas came out which were crispy on the outside and very creamy inside (luckily, goat cheese is one of the more milder cheeses so it was very delicious and well-balanced especially with the sweetness of the honey).
The patatas bravas reminded me of chili fries. The potatoes were cooked a little too long.
The calamari con chorizo was delicious, but very few pieces of calamari for such a big tapas bowl of cream soup.
The salmon mousse would have been way to airy if it weren’t for the chives which gave it a slightly bitter kick.
The Chef’s Surprise dish is called Trust Me. which you do because the only preference you get is if it comes out hot or cold. The chef brings it to your table himself (a cute little emo man), and explains what he did with the dish, for us it was flank steak in a mushroom cream sauce.
We had actually ordered the mushroom manchego toast as well and he expressed his concern that the two dishes would be too similar, but luckily the manchego toast added a bit more salt to the dish and so it tasted more of mushrooms whereas the first dish was more cream.
The grilled flank steak was OK, it was prepared with herbs but it was a bit on the chewy side. Probably my least favorite thing about this place, after the stale bread that crumbled (which was terrible for those of us who wanted to dip into the excess sauces and creams of each dish).
We ended the night with the Spanish cheese dish which ended up being the manchego cheese and goat cheese from earlier in the night.
S’all good. Overall, this place was definitly 2 thumbs up!

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About julia521

I'm a food aficionado with an interest in photography. Most of my restaurants will be in New Orleans as I will be here over the next few years. Every now and then you will see a post from Boston or Philadelphia too!
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