Restaurant August in New Orleans

Restaurant August
301 Tchoupitoulas St.
New Orleans, LA

I love you, John Besh! This was an exquisite meal! Each dish was prepared with a lot of attention to detail. There were some that I did not like, and some that I LOVED. Parking in the area as relatively easy for street parking, so don’t worry. Also, if you’re going to a John Besh restaurant for dinner, then you’ve already decided to sacrifice an arm or a leg to pay for dinner. Tonight was no exception. But it was WELL worth it. We started off our night with three appetizers: the gnocchi was out of this world, the figs were ok, and the organic greens were alright but the brittle and blue cheese combination was amazing. It’s like they were doing a dance on my tongue, going back and forth between sweet and salty tang. The sourdough bread was freshly baked and the butter was delicious and creamy and easy to spread. Then we ordered three appetizers: the redfish, sugar and spice duck, and the special of the day. The redfish had come with shrimp that was a little too salty. But the sauce that was poured into the plate when it arrived at the table was special. The sugar and spice duck’s presentation was not at all what I had expected for the duck, it was better. The duck was amazing and apparently, the spinach was surprisingly delicious. The cowboy special was a HUGE ribeye steak which was fantastic! I was iffy about ordering a dish as common as steak at such a special restaurant but I figured they had to do it right and they did! I’m not sure exactly how it was prepared but it was tender to cut and chew (which can be a challenge for ribeye). Also the marinade with different blends of mushrooms was incredible. The jalapeno-corn souffle was a surprise, it was super spicy and super creamy, an interesting combo. We finished our night off with four desserts: the goat cheesecake, banana rumcake, chocolate napoleon and berry cobbler. Nobody at the table like the berry cobbler, unfortunately it just fell below our expectations. The banana rumcake had a hint of banana, and was definitely too dry to be a rumcake (hardly any rum). The goat cheesecake was amazing, with the honey undertones mixed it, it was incredible! And the chocolate napoleon was rich but was very delicious. Definitely coming back, hungry for more!

fresh sour dough bread

complimentary egg custard with some sort of fish

handmade potato gnocchi tossed with blue crab and black truffle

cane syrup roasted Louisiana figs w fresh cheese, pimenton candied almonds, and Pedro Jimenez Sherry

my delicious Cowboy rib eye with corn-jalapeno grits

redfish courtboullion, persillade crust, jumbo shrimp, blue crab and sauce borride

sugar and spice duckling w McEwen's stone ground grits, roasted duck foie and local peaches

my pretty steak

napoleon of nougatine: valhrona chocolate bavarois, salted toffee ice cream

warm berry cobbler: ruston peaches and buttermilk ice cream

Pere Roux's banana rum cake with creole cream cheese icing

Goat's Milk cheesecake: Algiers honey ice cream, almonds and balsamic caramel

complimentary pralines and chocolate bites

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I'm a food aficionado with an interest in photography. Most of my restaurants will be in New Orleans as I will be here over the next few years. Every now and then you will see a post from Boston or Philadelphia too!
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