Le Meritage in New Orleans, LA

Le Meritage (part of the Maison Dupuy hotel)
1001 Toulouse St.
New Orleans, LA

So the entrance is actually along Burgundy, the entrance to the hotel is on Toulouse. So if you’re just going to eat, then go around the corner onto Burgundy and you will see the Bistro (which I guess is part of this) restaurant/hotel but keep walking. I thought the Bistro was the same thing but it’s not. So keep walking and you will see a nice patio that is the entrance to the Le Meritage. Also you could save yourself some headache and park at the hotel (free with validation from the restaurant)

Service was very friendly and timely. We started off with bread and the fancy butter with “M” presed into it. The amuse bouche was a delicious treat from the chef, with mushroom bacon and cheese. The cabbage salad with truffle vinagrette was amazing, with rich truffle flavors that was offset with sweet California raisins. The tuna filet was rare and the meat was flavorful, w a tangy ginger vinagrette. The beet risotto was alright, a bit on the bland side(it was actually pink!), i was hoping for more of the basil flavor to come through. It was fluffy and soft though which is nice for risotto. The duck two ways was really delightful, the duck compote was nice and tender, but my favorite of the night was the duck foie gras was sooooooooooo juicy and delicious.  The grilled beef filet with blue cheese tartlette was great too. The blue cheese tartlette had the usual strong cheese flavor and flaky crust. The dessert was only ok, nothing special (I would recommend skipping dessert altogether. totally not worth what they’re asking for). I love these restaurant coupons!

patio (look at the window)


they pressed "M" onto the butter! bread was superbly warm and crispy

amuse bouche (mushroom, bacon and cheese!)

06 Catapult, Shiraz/Viognier McLaren, Australia

'06 Catapult, Shiraz/Viognier McLaren, Australia


baby cabbage salad with golden raisins, parmesan, almonds, truffle vinaigrette

Five spiced tuna with summer beets, peas and rosemary ginger vinaigrette

duck fig compote

duck foie gras

beet risotto with baby beets, goat cheese, basil citrus vinaigrette

blue cheese tartlette

Grilled Filet of Beef w red wine jam

banana pudding

creme brulee

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I'm a food aficionado with an interest in photography. Most of my restaurants will be in New Orleans as I will be here over the next few years. Every now and then you will see a post from Boston or Philadelphia too!
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