Bella Brew in New Orleans

Bella Brew
2701 Airline Dr.
Metairie, LA

This has got to be my favorite cafe in New Orleans. There are many reasons: the free unlimited FAST wireless internet, the free parking lot, the free refills, the quiet ambiance (unlike Rue where the music is so loud sometimes I can’t think), and delicious food. Oh yea, and the piece de resistance = CLEAN SINGLE BATHROOMS! i love huge clean single bathrooms.

I started off my morning with a large Southern Pecan coffee (one of my favorite flavors here), $3.26 well spent (especially when you consider that for the remainder of your visit, you get free refills, there by fractionating the cost of each cup of coffee with each refill you get). My friend who is a regular here (on a first name basis with the owner), suggests the hazelnut coffee if you’re ever visiting. The ambiance here is quiet, not overly crowded like other cafes in New Orleans. The walls are decorated with paintings and photographs of local artists and there are stands with hand-made crafts such as earrings, scarves and purses, all for sale of course. The service here is very friendly and I like that the you will usually see the owner enjoying a cup of coffee in one of the booths but will get up to help serve during rush hour (aka lunch time). The salad portions are very generous, I had the half-sandwich and half-salad but I saw someone at the next table order a salad and it was huge! I got the grilled chicken w pepper jack cheese, avocado and bacon half panini, with half a grilled chicken on a spring mix with avocado and cucumbers. I think the moisture of the chicken was trapped in the panini along with the crispy bacon and melted cheese. It was quite delightful. And served with a side of sun chips (my favorite). The grilled chicken on my salad was a little dry but it was saved by a balsamic vinagrette that did not give you the feeling that you just drank lemon juice.  My friend had the turkey and swiss served on a bright red tomato wrap, a nice healthy alternative  with fresh ingredients (there is a Rouse’s in the same plaza). Oh yea and everything on the menu is under $10.

Bella Brew

walking up to the counter

place your order


turkey and swiss wrap

grilled chicken salad

grilled chicken w pepper jack cheese panini

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I'm a food aficionado with an interest in photography. Most of my restaurants will be in New Orleans as I will be here over the next few years. Every now and then you will see a post from Boston or Philadelphia too!
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