Sukho Thai in New Orleans

Sukho Thai
4519 Magazine St.
New Orleans, LA

First of all, I would like to dedicate this entry to TK! Happy Birthday!!!!!!! Only a rock star like you could have 48 fabulous friends fill up the entire back half of a restaurant for his “Super Sweet 26” hosted by MT2Lane (I tried to make a play off of MTV but didn’t really work that well). Seriously, a rock star.

We had a fixed menu type of a deal. One thing I was a little upset about was that this restaurant had plenty of notice for our sizable group, and yet there was only one chef on duty tonight. lame sauce! I mean very impressive that one chef took on our ginormous group plus all the other patrons in the restaurant, but you can imagine the wait between dishes for our group (it was heinous).

The decor is trying to lean away from typical Asian restaurant, and more towards a modern feel with the metallics and such but keeping Asian tones such as the upside down Hawaiian drink umbrella lamps. Food was pretty decent. First things that came out were these spring rolls with cabbage which would have been quite plain if it weren’t for this awesome spicy peanut sauce. We also got to try the Sukho thai sampler with Ahi Katsu roll, Veggie Rolls, and a pair of Shrimp-in-a-Pouch. I felt like they could have given more flavor to the Ahi Katsu roll, but the veggie rolls and shrimp in a pouch were amazing and crispy! This was when the huge lull in our evening arrived, long wait for the next few courses to arrive (poor chef). At least I got a ton of chai tea milk which I usually dont indulge in but it was included in our prie fixed supper so I enjoyed myself! It was a little bitter until they passed around a carton of Half and Half and told us to add it to lighten it up (made a huge difference!) but wasn’t too excited to be pouring Half and Half into any drink of mine.  When the rice came out I was so excited because I thought it was signaling the arrival of the rest of our food but nope, it was a tease! just playing with my emotions! we continued to wait and munch on plain steamed rice (i’m asian, i can make this at home!). Finally the yellow curry and green curry came out but the vegetarians in our party weren’t too ecstatic because both had some sort of meat in it. So they continued to munch on rice as we gorged ourselves. I preferred the yellow curry over the green one (had a bit of a bitter taste to it). Then the noodle dishes came out, a thin drunken noodle like I’ve never seen before, it was some sort of vermicilli noodle instead of the usual thick rice noodles i’m used to seeing and it wasn’t that great (not even sure you can call it drunken noodle cuz it wasn’t spicy either). The pad thai was as usual, although I did prefer it to La Thai’s pad thai dish. The final dish came out, kaffir lime curry with tofu, which our vegetarians practically screamed with joy when they saw this. It was alright, a little watery but probably because again, one chef. Props to Sukho Thai for being able to host a party of 49 plus the other half of the restaurant being packed on a Thursday night.


Fresh rolls

Tapioca rolls stuffed with cucumber, lettuce, avocado, tofu, bean sprouts, mint leaf + spicy peanut sauce

Sukho Thai Sampler

Combination of Ahi Katsu roll, Veggie Rolls, and a pair of Shrimp-in-a- Pouch.

Chai milk tea drinks!

I have never been so excited to see rice in my life!

Yellow curry: An aromatic curry of saffron and cumin spices, stocked with potato, carrots, onions and chicken

Green curry in coconut milk with zucchini, Asian eggplants, bell pepper and sweet basil.

Veggie Drunken Noodle: Rice noodles stir-fried in a spicy roasted chili paste with garlic, onion, carrot, broccoli, cabbage, bell peppers, and sweet basil

chicken pad thai: Thin rice noodles pan-fried in a tamarind sauce with meat of your choice, egg, w/ fresh bean sprouts, green onion, peanut, lime.

Kaffir lime curry: A very full-flavored spicy red curry seasoned with kaffir lime leaves, stir-fried with green beans, basil, bell pepper, and tofu.

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