Maximo’s Italian Grill in New Orleans

Maximo’s Italian Grill
1117 Decatur Street
New Orleans, Louisiana 70116

The ambiance is striving for classy, I was a little surprised to see a woman come in in an outfit that left little to the imagination and an elborate head dress and a boombox (entertainment for someone’s bachelor party? nope! more like for someone’s 50th birthday party in the back of the restaurant). I was a little bitter that this huge birthday party took up the entire back area because I missed out on the open kitchen experience. The waiter was very nice about the bread and butter, but I love olive oil and parmesan cheese on my bread. The fire roasted shrimp had a fiery kick to it, and the lamb chop lollipop was extremely rich and flavorful and juicy.  The lamb chops also came with this garnish that was doused in some sort of tangy vinagrette, a very different kick than the shrimp but much more tasty. The louisiana crawfish diablo was great, the crawfish was a little overcooked but the pasta was amazing and the sauce was delicious! The osso bucco was so tender that at the touch of my fork, it would fall apart into the perfect bite size portion. The osso bucco had an intense rich and sweet flavor to it, with the rich texture of the meat made this an exciting palette experience. We ended our fun night with tartufo and cappuccinos, the tartufo was light which was perfect for this epic meal. The tartufo had italian gelato inside with a hard frozen chocolate shell.


sesame seed toasted bread

pinot grigio

lamb chop lollipop Grilled & Served with red & green apple mint jelly)

fire roasted shrimp w/habanero spice, baby beans, julienne carrots, spinach & arugula

Louisiana crawfish diablo: Penne with Spicy Garlic Green Onion Cream Sauce

Osso Bucco: Braised Veal Shank in a Garlic, Thyme & White Wine Demi

chocolate tartufo: vanilla gelato with frozen chocolate shell


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About julia521

I'm a food aficionado with an interest in photography. Most of my restaurants will be in New Orleans as I will be here over the next few years. Every now and then you will see a post from Boston or Philadelphia too!
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