Birchrunville Store Cafe in PA (MY FAVORITE BYO)

Birchrunville Store Cafe

1403 Hollow Road
Birchrunville, PA

This is by far my favorite BYO in Pennsylvania. It is a bit of a drive from Philly so make sure you have a designed driver. This restaurant was built in a old post office building.

restaurant front

my significant other and I had tried to come here before w our GPS but we were led to the middle of nowhere (literally, like a farm land or something). We called the restaurant to tell them we wouldn’t be able to make it. 6 months later, since we knew better, we drove out here with google map directions. When we sat down, the server asked us if we had dined with them before and we told her that we had tried to but our GPS let us down (she said they got phone calls about that a lot).   She came back from the kitchen with this free appetizer and said that it was a gift from the chef to us for coming back!!! i love chefs who do stuff like that!

free sampler

Sliced breasola with marinated beets, goat cheese and mache salad

Kobe beef Carpaccio with pink peppercorn emulsion

I loved my visit here with my boyfriend, that I came back w a very close friend who was fasting from meat for religious purposes. She was surprised to see that were no vegetarian options except for the salads so she asked the waiter to see if the chef could prepare a vegetarian dish and this was what came out! amazing!

special vegetarian dish

Black Angus strip steak with roasted garlic crust, rosemary reduction

Roasted rack of lamb with fresh herbs crust & thyme sauce

Kobe beef strip steak with Roquefort & arugula

i thought it was adorable that the cream for my coffee came in a cow!

the chef was so cute and sent this to me and my significant other at the end of the night (creme brulee!)

Warm Butterscotch Cake with caramel gelato (most amazing cake of my life)


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I'm a food aficionado with an interest in photography. Most of my restaurants will be in New Orleans as I will be here over the next few years. Every now and then you will see a post from Boston or Philadelphia too!
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One Response to Birchrunville Store Cafe in PA (MY FAVORITE BYO)

  1. Jana Turkington says:

    I found you on urbanspoon and read some of your posts on New Orleans (love the town/will be there in Oct. for Crescent City Blues Fest). Followed your site to some Phila. posts and saw the Birchrunville post. I was excited to read it since we LOVE Birchrunville. We travel through the dark for 50 minutes to get there. Thank goodness for GPS now. I don’t think in the 8-9 years that we have gone there that we have taken the same trail twice. We went there last Thurs. (2/17) after a bit of a financial hiatus (we’re both self employed) and we’ll go back in April to treat inlaws. It may well be the best BYO or restaurant in the county.
    I noted in your pics that your portions seemed much larger than we have ever had and the chef has a rep for being difficult so getting a special dish for your friend was not something I would have counted on. I want to go with you next time:-) He does get flavors that no one else seems to get.
    I’ll be checking out your blog entries for NO. Can’t wait to be in the Quarter again!

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