Unagi and Sushi in New Orleans

Unagi and Sushi
2701 Airline Dr.
Metairie, LA

This place is very easy to miss because its on the outer corner of Rouse’s in a shopping plaza. And the sign for it kinda blends in with the building.

hidden gem in a plaza

The ambiance here was a bit on the minimal side, but for an Asian restaurant, very clean and new looking. None of that carpet from the 80s business here! I did like the fans on the wall behind the sushi bar though.


My fellow foodie ordered the sushi roll combination for lunch. For $7.95 she ordered the (from many choices) the salmon avocado roll and crunchy roll (crabstick, shrimp, avocado and tempura flakes) with miso soup and generic Japanese salad with sour orange stuff on top.

usual miso soup


generic Japanese salad

roll combo

She said out of the two rolls, the crunchy roll was by far her favorite.

up close n personal

I decided to be a little more adventurous and try some of the House special rolls.

Unforgettable roll and desiree roll

The first one I selected was the Unforgettable Roll for $12.95, it was a sushi roll with salmon, tuna, spicy tuna, tempura shrimp, snowcrab, cream cheese, avocado, cucumber, smelt roe all wrapped in a pink soy wrap.  I really love when sushi flavor is enhanced by the tang of cream cheese. This place served very fresh sushi! And this was by far my favorite!

unforgettable roll

I also had the desiree roll for $6.95 which had crawfish, shrimp, and eel sauce and then the entire roll was dunked in a light batter and deep fried! It was still hot on my plate! It was amazing! And a total steal for its value!

desiree roll



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I'm a food aficionado with an interest in photography. Most of my restaurants will be in New Orleans as I will be here over the next few years. Every now and then you will see a post from Boston or Philadelphia too!
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