Court of Two Sisters in New Orleans
613 Royal St.
New Orleans, LA

Jazz breakfast buffet for $28 per person!

the charm gates from Spain, if you touch them you will be charmed (no, not the 3 sister witches)

when you walk in, you are handed a coin and asked to wait to be seated. when you get your table, you give back the coin. so magical:

when you walk outside, the first thing you see is this fountain. i couldn’t get over how rich the blue was!

the outdoor seating area was wonderful but the seats were lacking. the cushions were lose from the chairs (probably makes it easier to stack the chairs in case of rain).

in addition to being famous for outdoor eating area, the buffet has 80 items (well they had like 4 different types of blocks of cheese, and tons of cold pasta salads).

I got 3 plates of food: 2 hot plates + 1 dessert plate (gotta get my money’s worth):
my 1st plate: bacon/cheese omelette, creamed spinach, grits, bacon, sausage, cornbread, biscuit, and stuffing. my favorite was the creamed spinach.

2nd plate: creole shrimp omelette (which I didn’t eat because my 1st bite of shrimp was full of shells), creamed spinach, bacon, croissant, blocks of cheeses.

dessert plate: chocolate cake, apple crumble, bananas foster and pecan pie. the only thing i had room for was the pecan pie and bananas foster.

I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me that jazz music meant LIVE jazz music. haha. anyways, as I was sitting and listening to the songs, I realized they were all about heartbreak……how sad. is that really the mood we want to set for our meals? what if I was here with my significant other? geez! the music was nice in the background, the only thing that really bothered me was the waiters. We had a team of maybe 4 different guys waiting on us and it was impossible to deal with because they didn’t talk to each other at all so my table conversation was interrupted every 5 minutes asking if I needed more coffee or water or am I done with that plate.

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I'm a food aficionado with an interest in photography. Most of my restaurants will be in New Orleans as I will be here over the next few years. Every now and then you will see a post from Boston or Philadelphia too!
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One Response to Court of Two Sisters in New Orleans

  1. Ben from Atlanta says:

    My siblings and I dined at Two Sisters just yesterday while finishing up a cullinary tour of New Orleans for the weekend. We forst tried for House of Blues brunch, but it ws sold out and we wandered over to Cot2S, found it $10 cheaper and went in. They’ve changed to two waitstaff per table wich i’m sure has cut down on the confusion betwixt personnel, and luckily i didnt find any shells in anything i ate. Of particular note was the Turtle Soup au Sherry. Excellent. Everything was excellent, even if the coconut cake was a little pedestrian. I have to agree with the author’s comments re: creamed spinach. Add some heat and you’ve almost got Palak Paneer. Mmmmm. Michelin says it all – 2 stars for a buffet. That’s good. So many reviewers give out stars like the third grade. C’mon yahoo, etc – not every restaurant in town can be between 3.5 and 5 stars. Come to the Court hungry, leave stuffed, that’s my judgement.

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