MVBurger in New Orleans


Popout restaurant is a restaurant within a restaurant. MVBurger is open exclusively on Sundays at 5 PM until they run out of meat (which, according to rumor, has been as early as 6 PM). Right now, they are running operations out of Slim Goodies Diner on magazine st.  When I talked to the cashier, she said that this was a test-run for them and in 2011, they are planning on being open Thursday and Sunday nights to save up money to get their own restaurant space.

I had heard about the wait here, so I came in at 5 PM to order my food to go. I was really excited for this meal after hearing all the hype about everything made from scratch (from the buns to the ketchup and mayo).  My food took about 15 minutes but then the milkshake ended up taking much longer and the kitchen and shake stand don’t really talk with each other. I had the burger, fries and shake combo for $13. I had the cheeseburger (cheddar, gruyere, larkin suace, lettuce, and onion), thin fries and cookies n cream shake.

cheeseburger and fries

I saw reviews that burgers were coming out undercooked so I asked for medium-well. The meat patty is quite thick, so I was a little concerned about my meat being cooked properly and thoroughly.  After a few bites, my meat was bright red. Now, I know up-scale restaurants with their prime USDA meat are trustworthy enough to order medium-rare and not worry about looking for the nearest toilet, but this is a pop up restaurant and I wanted to be cautious.  Luckily, since i was home I was able to heat it up in the microwave (which made my bread soggy. sad). Besides that, my burger was pretty good, I especially liked the two different types of cheeses battling against the flavor of the meat. Maybe next time order well done. The fries weren’t particularly well done, very oily. My shake however, was DELICIOUS!

cookies n cream

NOTE: I must’ve hit a nerve of someone at MVBurger. This was their response to my blog entry: “We appreciate the feedback. For one, our meat is not the mass ground slop of other places. So we really don’t like serving it burnt. You wouldn’t go to a steakhouse and order steak well done (or hope not) and we feel the same way about our meat. Also, everyone has a different concept of what medium, or med well is.”

hmmm, but if i’m not the only one who commented on the undercooked meat……. haha, actually I took a picture of the red meat after my first few bites but I thought as a professional courtesy I wouldn’t post that pic. Oh well, I guess everyone’s not a fan of the Foodographer!

2nd NOTE: To show that I am an impartial reviewer and bear no ill will to MVBurger, i will say that they did send me an apology email today for their earlier comment. I wish MVBurger the best of luck in their future culinary endeavor.

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