The Cottage in Boston, MA

The Cottage
190 Linden St.
Wellesley, MA

After a friend had raved about this restaurant, I decided to journey out to Wellesley to find this place. When  I arrived, I was surprised by the calm and cool colors chosen by this establishment; a luxurious Pier 1 imports. When I found out that the other chain is located in La Jolla, CA, the cool colors made more sense (like a light day at the beach).

decor (kinda like a Pier 1)

The bar is well-stocked with tons of creative drinks on the menu.

the bar

I always look for soft spreadable butter when I go out, and was ecstatic that this place not only had soft butter but warm toasted bread.

fresh bread

My friend and I were so famished that as soon as we sat down we placed an order for the fried calamari appetizer. Shortly after we had a chance to open our menus and munch on some bread, the calamari arrived (that was fast!).  The calamari had been boiled for a perfect amount of time and then dip in batter and fried to a crisp! I  liked that the calamari wasn’t too heavy or oily. The sauces were amazing! My favorite was the cool green goddess dressing with what I perceived as tartar sauce, cucumber and a hint of lime. The OOO-eee sauce was also delicious, some sort of mayo and sriracha sauce combo.

fried calamari

my friend and I split the warm goat cheese salad. The roasted red peppers gave the dish an appealing bright color assortment.  I liked that the balsamic vinagrette didn’t overpower the dish, just the right amount of tang. And the caramelized walnuts were the best part!

warm goat cheese salad

my friend had the BBQ tenderloin tips. I got to steal a bite and it was delicious! The tenderloin tips were request medium-well and were a bit on the browner side, but still delicious. It was marinated with some spices that were subtle right up until the aftertaste which was glorious. I loved the BBQ sauce, it was somehow lighter than other BBQ sauces.  It came with a side of these long tater tots. The outside was crunchy but the inside was soft mashed potato with white cheddar. It was soooooo yummy!

BBQ Tenderloin tips

I had the L.A. burger with angus beef, roasted tomato relish, arugula, melted gruyere + goat cheese, crispy shallots, parmesan toasted bun. I had also ordered medium-well and when I cut it open and saw the beautiful shade of pinkish-brown, I was SO HAPPY! I’m a huge cheese fan, so I was ecstatic that my cheeseburger had 3 cheeses. I loved the roasted tomato relish because it wasn’t as acidic as ketchup but had the mild flavoring of tomato. So delicious!

L.A. Burger

PS. best part was when we got our check we got free Lindt chocolate truffles! And as we were walking out we saw a display of them and we asked if we could grab some more and they said yes!

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