Minado in Boston ,MA

1282 Worcester Rd.
Natick, MA

Our family came here for Christmas cuz no one in the house felt like cooking. We figured since it was a holiday which meant prices were more expensive than normal days, there wouldn’t be much of a crowd. Boy were we wrong! This place was packed with waiting lines going out the door! $21 per person! Recession, my butt!


way too crowded

I would say that the distribution of customers was pretty evenly split between white people and asian people. The hilarious thing was that all the asian people were flocking to the sushi/sashimi side and all the white people were flocking to the fried foods (tempura)/ chicken teriyaki side.

maki rolls section

hand rolls and maki section

i love these

I like that even though this is a sushi buffet, the quality of sushi is pretty decent. Especially for what you’re paying for.

sashimi section

fried foods section


fried seafood

so I noticed that this worker was walking on the other side of the buffet from me (so I was on the side taking food and he was across the table laying out new food). He ran a few dishes ahead of me and took out a plate of something and replaced with a whole fish. I guess my camera must have caught his eye. haha. I was flattered except anyone who has ever eaten with me knows that I get freaked out if the food resembles its live form too much (aka whole fish). I took a picture of it because the worker was watching me but I didn’t take any.

fried whole fish

for all you edamame lovers

to save you all from the excessive pictures I took (there were 5 of us and we each had multiple plates), I only posted pictures of our first servings.

my brother's plate

my mom's plate

my dad's plate

my sister's plate

that’s right! those are crabs on my plate (in the middle)

my plate

maki that I got

of course we got udon at the do-it-yourself-udon-station

i love how all the plates come with a bowl holder in the middle

when I went up to get my ice cream, I noticed they only had these dinky little cups and I wanted a lot of ice cream so I took a plate and started to serve myself some ice cream and I noticed a lot of people looking at me…………

green tea ice cream


overall, service was alright. I think there was only one incident when our waittress neglected us and empty plates really piled up in the middle. but besides that she did a pretty good job of clearing away our plates after we finished.

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I'm a food aficionado with an interest in photography. Most of my restaurants will be in New Orleans as I will be here over the next few years. Every now and then you will see a post from Boston or Philadelphia too!
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