Flour Bakery

Flour Bakery
1595 Washington St.
Boston, MA

do you see me and my bro in the reflection?

I had heard about this delicious bakery so I decided to check it out. I think my presence on snowy Boston roads did not help the asian female driver stereotype….Parking was difficult because the usual meter parking spots had been turned into snowbanks with the recent blizzard. However, I did find parking in a Bus only lane (everyone else was parked there).

lots of choices

The place was super packed so before I made it up to the counter I had already decided to get my order to go. There was quite the line but everyone managed to squeeze indoors. I had time to go over some of their choices and came up with the following:

everything looked so yummy

To be healthy, we got a fruit tart. The fruit choices were really interesting but what I loved was that the cream cheese based cream was delicious, not overly sweet.

individual fruit tart

My brother insisted on getting a chocolate chip cookie which kinda disappointed me with all the choices he had. After I took a bite though, I could unmistakeably taste Ghiradelli dark chocolate squares! Awesome! I was in chocolate chip cookie heaven!

chocolate chip cookie

Since I had already selected the fruit tart and chocolate chip cookie, I asked the cashier what was something that they were famous for and she said their sticky buns. For $2.95 you get gooey deliciousness with dark, sticky caramel and toasted pecans. I was super glad that we ended up eating this at home because I had the leisure of using a fork and knife without fear of judgement and/or ridicule in public. Super sticky! This was by far, the winner of the three!

cashier's recommendation: sticky bun

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About julia521

I'm a food aficionado with an interest in photography. Most of my restaurants will be in New Orleans as I will be here over the next few years. Every now and then you will see a post from Boston or Philadelphia too!
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2 Responses to Flour Bakery

  1. Frederick says:

    Wonderful picture of their famous sticky buns! Flour is so renowned for this particular treat, you’d never be looked at askance for messily eating one without a knife and fork — everyone already knows how amazing they are!

    If you liked Ms. Chang’s bakery, you simply must try her Asian street food diner, Myers & Changs which is my new favorite spot in Boston and right down the road from the bakery. I’m just sorry I didn’t visit it sooner.

  2. Liz says:

    Great fruit tart picture and I agree about the cream – it’s the perfect sweetness.

    Thanks for the review, I always like to see Flour getting the recognition it deserves!

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