Faneuil Hall Marketplace in Boston, MA

Faneuil Hall Marketplace
1 Faneuil Hall Marketplace
Boston, MA

Tons tourists here with huge cameras, so I blended in just fine. Came here for lunch with the family. Tip for next time: park at 75 State St. parking garage because you get validation with purchase from any of the vendors at Faneuil, versus the garage on Clinton St. (which is next door) does not validate.

the view from the parking garage

Welcome to Quincy Market

We don’t come here that often unless we have out-0f-towners with us, so we figure a place with “Chowda” in the name must be pretty legit. Altho lines are long (except for maybe the Thai place and Indian place), everything moves along quite nice. And if you can’t find seats right away, give it a minute and you’ll see someone get up from a table. There is also standing areas with tables, and an eating area upstairs.

Best clam chowder bread bowls in Faneuil Hall

i don’t know why someone would bother with something else besides clam chowder when you come to Boston

they have other soups too

i started to drool when I saw this window case.

i love lobster rolls

The bread was alright (sourdough I believe). The soup was ok too, nothing spectacular. I’m pretty sure Faneuil Hall is here mainly for the tourists and so they don’t mind over-paying for Boston’s famous clam chowder.

clam chowder bread bowl!!

Bay State Chowda Co on Urbanspoon

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I'm a food aficionado with an interest in photography. Most of my restaurants will be in New Orleans as I will be here over the next few years. Every now and then you will see a post from Boston or Philadelphia too!
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One Response to Faneuil Hall Marketplace in Boston, MA

  1. The street performers are entertaining, and the beauty of the space is wonderful night or day. If you go, you MUST go inside Faneuil Hall itself. The hall is quite beautiful and historically significant. So many tourists bypass it, and it is right in front of them! Imagine the two granite market buildings meeting the water’s edge…it used to. Ships from around the world would dock at its doorway (almost) and bring Bostonians goods from all over. Portions of the harbor were reclaimed by man made land all the way to the present harbor side by the Aquarium. There is a lot to see and do within a 5 minute walk in any direction. Those that say they are bored, are boring people who cannot take interest in interesting things!

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