Rue 127 in New Orleans, LA

Rue 127
127 N. Carrollton Ave.
New Orleans, LA

Rue 127

Welcome to Rue 127. Chef Ray Gruezke is a New Orleans native which leaves no doubt as to why he turned a shot-gun house into a bistro style restaurant in Mid-City. I liked that the tables were arranged at an angle though so that patrons weren’t bumping elbows with their neighbors. Our table unfortunately was next to the bar area and so, we could hear pretty much every conversation going on next to us, whether it was a customer having a good laugh with a glass of wine or a few employees making a comment about a table.

When I  had heard about a new American bistro opening on the restaurant scene in mid-city, I immediately wanted to check it out. After reading some rave reviews, I quickly learned that it was of the utmost importance to secure a reservation well in advance (which I did).

fresh dinner rolls

Everything here is made from scratch, from our sweet dinner rolls to our special dessert (no spoiler here!)

Diver Scallops $12

My friend ordered the diver scallops as her appetizer. It was pan roasted with a foraged mushroom fricassee served in a saffron emulsion. Saffron, the world’s most expensive spice by weight, gave it a earthy honey flavor and beautiful yellow color. The scallops were cooked very well too (not overcooked like some restaurants in the Quarter).

mushroom risotto $8

Because I had read amazing things about this dish, I had to have it for my starter dish. Oven roasted oyster mushrooms and grilled portobello mushrooms served with extra virgin olive oil, and parmesan reggiano (one of my favorite cheeses of all time. it’s like parmesan but kicked up a few notches in sharpness).  This was an amazing dish. The mushrooms were prepared individually to keep their unique flavors intact and then combined wonderfully with the parmesan reggiano.

roasted chicken $16

My friend had the roasted chicken with mac & cheese. The half of a roasted chicken was served with brussel sprouts and rosemary dijon jus. She said that there wasn’t anything spectacular about the chicken. The mac & cheese was what made her dish worth it.

mac & cheese

The mac & cheese was pretty delicious with a unique blend of cheeses When the waiter said that the mac & cheese is made with gruyere, parmesan reggiano and cheddar, I wanted to order it! But another dish caught my eye…..

citrus glazed duck breast $22

The duck was amazing! It’s prepared medium-rare which I felt weird about at first but I figured this chef probably knows how to best serve this dish. The duck was so tender and juicy, and served with potato puree. I loved the Louisiana citrus jus surrounding the duck so that I could dip as I pleased.

the duck

You can see from this picture that a lot of attention and discipline went into the arrangement for an aesthetically pleasing effect. I had noticed this with my friend’s chicken dish as well but thought it was clearly evident with my duck dish.

5 Fried Cupcake $8

This was by far one of the most unique desserts I’ve come across in the Crescent City and so I had to order it when I saw it on the menu. 5 mini vanilla cupcakes are dipped into a delicious batter and then deep fried for our dining pleasure. Definitely the winner of the meal.

3 sauces

This picture was mainly to show you that the cupcake was pre-baked before being thrown in the fryer. But you also get a showcase of the 3 house-made sauces: creme fraiche, butterscotch and chocolate. The butterscotch was my personal favorite but the chocolate was my friend’s favorite.

This establishment is definitely a hidden gem in mid-city! The waiter was great too, being very attentive to our table and not in an annoying way (he was shocked that we hadn’t been brought our check at the end of the meal even though it only seemed like only a few minutes from when he said it would come out).

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