Mila in New Orleans

817 Commons St.
New Orleans, LA

front outside

Mila is located just outside the French Quarter. We were probably the youngest people in the restaurant by at least 20 years.


I loved the decor here. Very hip and trendy. We were super-under-dressed but didn’t think anyone would notice/care. But sitting in this gorgeous restaurant, we had to judge ourselves. haha.

cool wall

After  a while (I was surprised by the wait), we were brought complimentary bread rolls and cornbread. I loved the scallion flavor in the cornbread. We were the first people in the restaurant but an elderly couple sitting nearby got their appetizers and entrees way before we did. Senior special? Who knows.

complimentary cornbread

The sauces were interesting. The butter had shaved parmesan cheese on top while the other sauce was a bit tangy (reminiscient of hummus). I particularly liked the butter with parmesan cheese and cornbread combo myself.

2 types of spread

My friend had the iced tea. We came to Mila to treat ourselves to the 3-course-fixed menu for $20. What ended up happening was only one of us ordered the 3 course menu (greens and grouper fish and rice pudding). I knew that the fixed menu would be limited but you only get 2 choices, either fish or veal cheeks……..

iced tea

mixed greens

Another friend had the grilled shrimp appetizer and seared yellowfin tuna. The grilled shrimp was marinated in a Cajun spice. It was smoky and I loved the spicy aftertaste.

grilled shrimp appetizer

The grouper fish was wonderfully prepared. The fish flavor was subtle and very well cooked. I’m not a huge fan of fish but I did like this dish. The friend who ordered this dish loved the couscous and devoured it without a hesitation.

Grouper Fish

The seared yellowfin tuna was amazing! This was by far the winner of the meal! I’m usually reluctant about seared tuna because the composition feels weird on my tongue but this dish was out of this world! By far one of the best seared tunas I’ve ever had.

seared yellowfin tuna $18

I  ordered the butter-poached chicken because I had read really great reviews about it and the waiter said that this was the most popular dish. I was quite disappointed. It tasted like turkey. Just like turkey…. sigh $18 is expensive for turkey.  I really liked the sauce though with steamed cabbage and buttered potatoes.  The sauce reminded me of Asian sweet and sour sauce.

Butter-poached chicken $18

I had to run out before the dessert because my meter ran out during lunch. My friends stayed and enjoyed the rice pudding and they said it was quite delicious. The waiters were ok, I wouldn’t say the best I’ve had. When we asked for the check, it seemed to take a while for it to come out.

rice pudding

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I'm a food aficionado with an interest in photography. Most of my restaurants will be in New Orleans as I will be here over the next few years. Every now and then you will see a post from Boston or Philadelphia too!
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