Bistro Daisy in New Orleans

Bistro Daisy
5831 Magazine St.
New Orleans, LA

Bistro Daisy was opened by husband and wife team Anton and Diane Schulte and named after their daughter, Daisy.  The restaurant features fresh, seasonal and locals foods that are prepared in American bistro style.

Bistro Daisy

Started the night off with some wine.

Education Guess red wine

The bread rolls came out warm and crispy. Just what you crave on a cool winter evening.

My friend started with the apple appetizer, Gala apples julienned with Belgian endive and Amish bleu tossed with toasted walnuts in a white wine vinagrette. The combination of the apple and blue cheese was amazing!

sliced apple appetizer

Another friend had the soup of the day, cauliflower soup with parmesan (great for vegetarians out there!). This was by far my favorite dish of the night.

soup of the day

I had Gulf oysters poached in an Herbsaint and fennel cream with bacon, spinach, tornbread croutons and chives.

Gulf oysters

My vegetarian friend had the hand made ravioli of Louisiana crawfish and mascarpone with leeks served with oven dried tomato in a herb cream.

handmade ravioli

My other friend had the pan roasted duck breast over spinach, almond, garlic and confit couscous with brandy, orange and foie gras demi. I was surprised by how sweet the duck breast was.

duck breast

I had the pan roasted chicken with porcini mushroom, parmesan and roasted shallot risotto with a thyme reduction. This was a unique preparation but chicken, I hadn’t real had anything like this before. I really enjoyed the parmesan and shallot risotto.

Roasted chicken

My friend ordered an espresso which came out with a sugar cube. Very classy.


She also ordered the baked Alaska dessert, a dessert made of ice cream placed in a pie dish lined with some sort of cake and topped with meringue and then cooked in a hot oven until the meringue is solid.

baked alaska

My other friend had the vanilla bean creme brulee.

creme brulee

Food was pretty good but the service was not. We had asked for an extra basket of bread which seemed to take forever to come out. And when we finished each course, I was always surprised at how long our empty plates lingered on the table before catching the eye of the waittress who would hurry over but was careful enough not to apologize. The only thing she was quick about was bringing our check. I did like the candle-lit ambiance and it wasn’t terribly crowded or noisy while we enjoyed our supper.

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