Tyson Bees in Philadelphia

Tyson Bees Foodtruck
33rd St and Spruce St
Philadelphia, PA 19104

the truck

I felt that it was quite fitting that my very first meal in Philadelphia after quite a hiatus was served from a foodtruck. There are maybe a handful of foodtrucks in New Orleans. Oh Philly, how I’ve missed you!

long line!

This place had quite a hype, especially with our friends who eat here practically every day (and some of them literally every day).  Luckily when I got there, there weren’t many people. But in the time it took me to scan the menu, a long line formed behind me. So I went with the first 4 items on the menu that looked good (edamame taco? doesn’t sound that appealing).

the menu

One thing that I thought was really unique was that instead of giving me a number or shouting out my order when it was ready, the foodtruck dude gave me a card (one of those 52 card deck cards), and when my food was ready, he shouted “Queen of Hearts!” I guess that’s a pretty good system (if your menu only has 14 items and everyone orders #3, how are you going to keep track of which #3 goes to which customer?)
So Joe and I agreed that this was probably the best dish out of everything we had: Korean BBQ beef short rib taco $3. I loved the spicy sauce that came with it.

bulgogi taco

The Thai basil chicken taco $3 was not very good.

thai basil chicken taco

The Kimchi and cheese quesadilla $5 was delicious. I’ve heard of some friends that put cheese on their ramen but never before with kimchi. This was a revolutionary idea! I loved it! Maybe would’ve been easier to eat though if the kimchi had been chopped up to bite-size pieces. There were so many times where I would take a bite and pull away, only to have a long leaf of kimchi pull out from the quesadilla and land on my face. Kimchi stains are probably one of the hardest stains known to mankind to get out.

kimchi quesadilla

We agreed that this was a very unique idea: Korean BBQ beef short rib and kimchi burrito $5. Again, would’ve been a little easier if the kimchi was bite-size. It was kind of like a bibimbap wrapped in a burrito. It was good. But the best of everything we had was definitely the bulgogi taco.

bulgogi burrito

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I'm a food aficionado with an interest in photography. Most of my restaurants will be in New Orleans as I will be here over the next few years. Every now and then you will see a post from Boston or Philadelphia too!
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