Morimoto in Philadelphia

723 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106

the front

I was ecstatic to get a chance to eat here because I am a huge fan of the tv show Iron Chef and Morimoto is the iron chef that has never been defeated. Watching him cook is fascinating, the speed at which he works is almost demi-god like.
The service was friendly enough. We showed up half an hour early for our reservation and they gladly seated us  (there were plenty of empty tables). Although I couldn’t help but feel judged when they asked to check my coat and I said “no” because I was freezing from walking outside and the host said “not even your purse?” I was glad to see that many of my fellow female diners had also chosen to keep their purses with them. I just don’t feel comfortable being apart from my iphone or wallet. That’s why we invented clutch purses!


I didn’t like the phallic shaped lamp that couldn’t be moved from the middle of the table ( literally screwed on the table).It was a bit bothersome for a diner and a photographer trying to arrange the dishes on the limited table space.
As soon as we sat down, I placed an order for the $18 rock shrimp tempura w spicy kochujan aioli. I loved the fresh quality that the chives contributed. The shrimp is deep fried in a batter and then coated with a spicy kochujan aioli. Little, crispy pieces of heaven. I could eat these all day.

rock shrimp tempura

Joe ordered the  $14 cha soba which was interesting because it was green tea noodles. They brought out a mini-tray with various toppings to add to your liking. Joe decided it would be smart to add all of the toppings and it tasted pretty gross. And we couldn’t spoon out the sesame seeds cuz we only had chopsticks and forks. Doh!



good job joe

I ordered 2 sushi rolls: the  $12 soft shell crab roll which had 5 pieces. I thought that the sesame seeds overpowered this dish  and you couldn’t taste the crab at all.

soft shell crab roll

The  $9 spicy salmon roll, however, was beautifully enhanced by the flavor of the added sesame seeds.

spicy salmon roll

This is one of my all time favorite restaurants in Philadelphia. The chef is a creative genius and his dishes are not only tasty but beautiful to look at as well. Plus, he’s entertaining to watch on Iron Chef, just chilling at the end, watching the competition scramble to plate their food. When I was graduating from Penn and my parents had to book a hotel room a year in advance for graduation weekend, I booked graduation dinner at Morimoto’s!

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