Amada in Philadelphia

217-219 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106


It was a mess trying to find parking in old city. We were able to find parking eventually but had to walk a bit of ways to the restaurant. When we got there, the place was packed! We were given a tiny table in the corner. Kinda sucked but we were 10 minutes late to our reservation so I guess it was understandable.

We started off with complimentary garlic dip:

complimentary garlic

I had convinced Joe that this place had the best sangria of my life so we ordered 2: the Tinto sangria $7 w apple and orange:

tinto sangria

and the Temporado sangria $8 w port and cranberries. We were pretty disappointed with how watery our drinks were.

temporado sangria

Costillas de ternera $12 w beef short ribs, horse radish, Parmesan and bacon. This was the most delicious in my opinion. The cheese complimented the beef wonderfully.


$12 Spanish octopus. Pulpo a la gallega. The thing I liked was that it didn’t taste like octopus, kinda more like chicken. The texture reminded me of sausage though (a bit of crisp and thickness when you bite it). This is one of their most popular dishes so we wanted to try it but neither of us were impressed.


$9 garlic shrimp. Gambas al which was great but not special. But the garlic flavor is always a favorite for me.

garlic shrimp

$12 Shrimp and wild mushroom shirred eggs . This came with toast w a black truffle spread. It was like I had died and gone to truffle heaven. This was my 2nd favorite after the beef short rib flat bread.

shrimp and wild mushrooms

$11 lamb meatballs and shaved manchego. It didn’t taste like lamb which was nice but there wasn’t too much going on with this dish. I liked that the cream that came with it wasn’t too thick or overpowering.

lamb meatballs

Our table got free stuffed crab peppers. At first I thought it was cuz of the huge camera. But turns out the waiter brought the table to the wrong dish. We even told him that we hadn’t ordered it so he took it back to the kitchen and brought it back and insisted that we had. So by the time we had started eating, our original waitress came out and said that it was compliments of the chef (aka, they messed up! Free food on the house!).

stuffed crab peppers

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