Bouchon Bistro in Yountville, CA

Bouchon Bistro
6534 Washington Street.
Yountville, CA 94599

Bouchon restaurant

I was super excited to have the opportunity to eat at Thomas Keller restaurant. I picked Bouchon for the casual feel that it seemed to have. The 2 Michelin stars was also very appealing.


the pistachios were  salty. just enough to get the palette geared up. It also came out with this unique braided bread, it was unique because it was thinly braided whereas most of the ones I’ve eaten are chunky thick breads.


the bread was quite crunchy and tough to chew. but it was pretty good.

duck confit

The duck confit was tender on the inside and crispy on the outside.  The texture was juicy and the dish had its innate duck taste. It came out on a celery puree. The celery actually enhanced the duck flavor.

crispy soft shell crab

The crispy soft shell crab was alright. We had heard it was a signature appetizer and so we had ordered it but was very similar to other soft shell crab dishes that I’ve had.

lamb meat

The lamb meat was literally falling off the bone.  The innate lamb flavor wasn’t overwhelming and the marinade was very well done. There was a ton of meat which is great for guys.

flat iron steak

I had the flat iron steak which I heard was another staple on the menu. The steak had some sort of caramelized onion compote on top with garlic butter on top of that. What a heavenly combination! The meat was prepared medium rare as per the chef’s recommendation, which I usually don’t like because it bleeds but this steak did not bleed even though it was medium rare. It was easy to chew and appreciate the other flavors on the palette.

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