Salivation Station Food Truck in Baton Rouge, LA

Salivation Station


i was in baton rouge and stopped by this eatery staple. Mostly curtailing to the student clientele, this food truck was located on a college campus. I had been following this place on twitter and was salivating over the sandwich descriptions.

1st Degree: Ultimate Grilled Cheese Panini: 3 Different Cheeses (American, Pepper-Jack, Cheddar) grilled onions, tomatoes, fresh Basil,  and chili’s on our Louisiana Panini bread all melted together.

2nd Degree: Stuffed Turkey Club Panini: Stuffed with smoked turkey and black forest ham, w/ American and Swiss cheeses w/ lettuce, tomato, and bacon on our Louisiana panini bread.

3rd Degree: Ragin Cajun Panini: Our grilled thin sliced chicken, sausage, bacon crumbles, topped with American and Pepper jack cheeses and our spicy chipotle remoulade. Sure to WOW you!

4th Degree: Southwest Chicken Chipotle Wrap: Grilled chicken breast on a warm tortilla topped w/ homemade boudin and our Mexican corn, tomato, and green chili salsa. With American and Pepper-jack cheeses and finished w/ our Jalepeno Aoli and Chipotle Aoli

5th Degree: Cajun Smoked Andouille Wrap: (Think deconstructed Jambalaya) Cajun smoked Andouille Sausage on a warm tortilla, topped w/ our salivating boudin, grilled onions and peppers, and a chipotle remoulade.

6th Degree: Salivating Pulled Pork Wrap: Our tender, juicy pulled pork on a warm tortilla. Topped with our homemade boudin, coleslaw, and finished off with a Cilantro/jalapeno aoili. Yum

bacon burger

but when I arrived, I had a chance to speak to the cook and he told me that this bacon burger (bacon grounded into the meat patty) was his new brainchild, I wanted to check it out. The meat patty didn’t really hold well together when I ate it but it was delicious.  I probably would’ve preferred more savory toppings than the coleslaw type that came on it.

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