The Gourmet Dumpling House in Boston, MA

The Gourmet Dumpling House
52 Beach St
Boston, MA

the front

We could not find parking in chinatown (surprise, surprise) and so I parked in the main parking lot in Chinatown. As I waited in line to pay and hand in my keys, I’m pretty sure I saw a drug deal go down between the parking attendant and a hooded figure in front of me. I told Joe what happened and he flipped out and insisted on opening the trunk so that he could take his work bag inside the restaurant with us…..


Luckily we got there early (11:30) and the place wasn’t that crowded.  We barely had time to look over the menu before the waiter came by to take our order. we already knew two of our items, so we randomly picked the second two items. I figured with almost 500 reviews on yelp with an average of 4 out of 5 stars, anything we order would be good. right?

beef chow fun

The beef chow fun came out first. This is by far my favorite dish of all dishes that came out of china (Joe says this is not true, that this is actually an americanized version but why ruin my skewed vision). This was soooooooooo good. Not too much soy sauce so that the other flavors could come out.

stinky tofu

the stinky tofu came out at the same time as the beef chow fun, and wow did it stink. It was such a rancid smell, and soooo overwhelming. Think of a rotten egg and multiply that by infinity and you’ll get to about a fraction of what I was dealing with here.  Every time I ducked my head to eat my food, the smell made my head snap back up. I ate one but the smell was too much for me even from inside my mouth. I told Joe he was on his own for finishing this off since this was one of his last minute orders. It almost ruined my authentic beef chow fun! (joe has told me to stop calling it that)

special soy sauce for soup dumplings

soup dumplings

The soup dumplings came out next (that was fast! it said it needs at least 15 minutes but I guess since we were the only ones that ordered it –that’s right! I scope out other tables’ dishes when I’m eating out at restaurants). Joe said I don’t know how to eat a soup dumpling. My first dumpling broke as I picked it up with a chopstick and all the soup and other filling came out. Joe told me to use a spoon, so my next one I picked it up with the spoon and then took a bite, then I dipped it into the soy sauce and again all my filling fell out………Grrrrrrrr. But still good. I gotta be honest tho, looking at the filling come out, I was shocked at the appearance. NO BUENO. the first thought I had when it filled out, after “oh crap! it came out!” was that is supposed to go into my GI tract? the oil and soup and filling floating around in a gelatinous goop? For the next few ones, I try to to recall what I saw and just focus on the yummy taste. I guess that’s why some people eat these things whole in one bite.

salt and pepper chicken

Surprisingly, the fried chicken was the last thing to come out. We were so stuffed though that we each ate one for taste and then got the rest to go. The fried chicken was delicious! The salt and pepper dry rub was soooooooo perfect for this dish. I can see why this place has such rave reviews, with delicious food at an affordable price. Just getting to Chinatown is an adventure in and of itself, might as well enjoy yummy food while you’re at it.

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