Moo Modern steakhouse in Boston, MA

Moo Modern Steakhouse
15 Beacon St.
Boston, MA

bread rolls

My family came here for dinner for the 3 courses for $35. When we arrived, the valet drivers were quick to jump out and assist us from the car. I found out that the valet drivers are paid by the restaurant and insisted that we don’t tip either. When these bread rolls came out, they smelled like salty bread! These just melted in your mouth.

house salad

This place was super hyped up and won Best of Boston overall excellence category of restaurants.  Service was pretty slow for a group this large. It was shocking really. Maybe it was cause we all ordered from the 3 course menu except for my sister.

lobster bisque

This was probably the star of the night, the lobster bisque sang! It was amazing. The flavors were just popping! And it was perfect hot soup for this freezing weather.

sirloin steak

Four of us got the sirloin steak as our main entree. This was super tough to chew. It’s like the meat was actively resisting getting ingested. Our meat also had a ton of fat on it. I was surprised to see how much meat was left on my table when I had cut off all the fat. I wouldn’t say this is the worse steak of my life, but I don’t think I’ll be returning.

bone marrow butter served in a bone!

I did like how that garlic butter came out in a carved out bone. It freaked out everyone else at the table but I loved it. It gave our meal a paleolithic spin to it, like eating with cavemen.


my mom wasn’t in the mood for steak and so she ordered the salmon which she reported was good.

filet mignon

My sister had the filet mignon (she broke the cardinal rule of eating with the Foodographer by taking a bite out of her food before I took a picture of her dish), but I stole a bite of it and hers was really good. Very soft texture.

creamed spinach

I had the creamed spinach as my side dish. This was very creamy. I thought the cast iron little pot was a cute decorative gesture.

B & B mushrooms

brownie sundae

This was a creative smore deconstructed. The roasted marshmallow on top of a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top of warm brownie. This was soooooooo delicious and the different elements going on, chewy of marshmallow vs. crisp of brownie, warmth of marshmallow and brownie vs. frost of the ice cream.

white chocolate cheesecake

the white chocolate and cheesecake combination sounded good on paper but when it came to fruition, not a winner. I don’t know how to describe it, the taste just would not settle on my tongue. I ended up trading Joe for his brownie sundae.

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