RECIPE: Bulgogi (Korean BBQ)

Ingredients: (TS = tablespoon)
1 lbs of Sirloin tips sliced
3 TS of soy sauce
1 TS of sugar
black pepper
1 chopped scallion
1 TS of minced garlic
1 ts of sesame seeds (teaspoon)
(1 TS of Mirim – rice cooking wine, you can use red cooking wine or none)

1. Mix all the ingredients by hand (wear a glove! duh!). Be sure to massage the meat. Then refrigerate for at least 30 minutes.

Marinade the meat

2. Heat up a frying pan and add a little bit of oil (the meat also has fat that will release oil), once the oil moves around freely on the pan, add the raw meat.

fry the meat

3. Remove from heat when the meat is a nice light brown.

eat it while it's hot!


About julia521

I'm a food aficionado with an interest in photography. Most of my restaurants will be in New Orleans as I will be here over the next few years. Every now and then you will see a post from Boston or Philadelphia too!
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2 Responses to RECIPE: Bulgogi (Korean BBQ)

  1. Hello Julia521,
    This might be off topic, however, OK I had to share this recipe! Its Healthy AND everyone will love it AND it goes great with almost everything -Sweet Potato Fries!

    Ingredients for for Sweet Potato Fries
    1 Sweet potato per person
    non stick cooking spray
    Salt and pepper or seasoned salt or cinnamon (it depends on the flavor you like best).

    Preheat the oven to 425F

    1. Wash sweet potatoes.

    2. Peel Sweet Potato (this works better if you steam them for 4 minutes first but its not necessary).

    3. Slice lengthwise into � inch strips

    4. Place strips single layer on 18 x 26 x 1� baking tray that has been lightly sprayed

    6. Spray the tops of the sweet potato fries with butter lightly

    7. Sprinkle the seasoning (cinnamon,salt and pepper, or seasoned salt) over tops of the sweet potato fries

    8. Bake the sweet potato fries in 425�F oven for approximately 20 minutes

    9. remove from oven and serve!

    My favorite is the seasoned salt but I did have them with cinnamon one time and they were really good!
    Keep up the posts!

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