RECIPE Dolsot Bibimbap (Veggie and Beef Korean rice dish)

heating the stone bowl

First heat up the stone bowl. Spoon in sesame seed oil and once it heats up, flip a bowl of rice into it.  Once the bowl is hot and you hear the rice crackling, add in the veggies of your choice. Then toss in a fried egg, korean bbq meat and red pepper paste.

bean sprouts




finished product

This is the ultimate korean comfort food. It’s hot and delicious and the rice at the bottom is crunchy and spicy.

i like mine spicy

lots of veggies on the side

Yea I don’t have time to cook each individual vegetable like my mom so when I’m fending for myself, I usually just buy the already prepared vegetables at the korean market that come in those clear containers. they usually sell pre-marinated korean bulgogi meat as well.


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