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thats me!!

I’m originally from Boston where my parents still own a home, I went to college in Philadelphia where my other half still resides and I am now attending Tulane medical school in New Orleans. I’ve always taken pictures of food not so much for the memories, but I really like to see how creative different chefs get with presentation. Or maybe it’s genetic, last time I went home, my mom had her camera out and was snapping pictures of food she had prepared before I could even remember where I had left my camera.

Also, it’s a lot easier to photograph food than people or other animals that move around. Lighting is already finnicky, I don’t need multiple fickle subjects in my pictures. When I realized I was amassing quite the collection of photos with no proper outlet besides the occasional facebook photo album, I decided to start this blog to keep track of which pictures came from which restaurants. I also decided to write a little summary on my dining experience so that I could remember whether to dine again or run in the opposite direction.

I hope you enjoy reading these entries as much as I’ve had creating themThe Foodographer New Orleans restaurants

feel free to contact me at

Check out this promo video I made for a Whole Foods competition. I didn’t win, but why waste the effort?

Featured Blogger on TV Food Maps


3 Responses to About Me

  1. Caroline Kim says:

    Hi Julia!
    This is awesome! How is everything going in New Orleans?!

    Caroline Younghee

  2. Inkyung S. says:

    Great video. I love every pictures of your food. It’s very beautiful and make me very hungry.
    from your greatest fan

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