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Cafe Rose Nicaud in New Orleans, LA

Cafe Rose Nicaud 632 Frenchmen Street New Orleans, LA 70116 Their story, “In the early 1800’s Rose Nicaud became the first known coffee vendor in New Orleans. Rose, a slave, saw the opportunity to provide a service to French Market … Continue reading

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Strands Cafe in Baton Rouge, LA

Strands Cafe 226 Laurel Street Baton Rouge, LA 70810 this is a quaint little cafe in downtown Baton Rouge. From the outside, it doesn’t appear very big but when you walk in, it is very spacious and welcoming. since we … Continue reading

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Sabrina’s in Philadelphia

Sabrina’s 1802 Callowhill Street Philadelphia I consider myself a Sabrina’s regular and so I knew it was of the utmost importance to get here early cuz 1) the food takes mad long to come out and 2) the place gets … Continue reading

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Puccino’s in New Orleans

Puccino’s 5200 Veterans Blvd Metairie, LA hmmm, I should’ve been wary from the moment when I walked in and there was a sign that asked patrons who were not dining to sit in the back area. I walked to the … Continue reading

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Court of Two Sisters in New Orleans 613 Royal St. New Orleans, LA Jazz breakfast buffet for $28 per person! the charm gates from Spain, if you touch them you will be charmed (no, not the 3 sister witches) when you walk in, you are handed … Continue reading

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