Dear Julia,

You are awesome!

I’ve never really written fan-mail before, so this will probably be a little awkward for both of us. Sorry! I just wanted to say that your reviews and photos are great. I’m mostly in and out of New Orleans, and I’ve found so many wonderful hole-in-the-wall places thanks solely to you. It’s gotten to the point where if I’m making a trip to another city, I see if you’ve been there and have any recommendations. So again, thank you, thank you, thank you. Keep doing what you do!


Dear Julia,

You’ve put a tremendous amount of work into your reviews, photography and web site. Extremely well done and well written! My wife and I are foodies and coming to New Orleans next weekend for four nights, staying at the Roosevelt. We’ll want to do one or two of the “old guard” restaurants but want to also branch out and experience some of the better off the beaten path places too. We like your review and the looks of Rue 127 and August as two examples, but you may have other recommendations for this coming weekend. We’re in our early 50’s and I would say fairly hip and adventuresome when it comes to culinary experiences. If you could pick only four restaurants that represent the best of New Orleans from a locals perspective, what would they be? Your recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you,
Jim and Diane
Santa Barbara, CA

Dear Julia,
I found you on urbanspoon and read some of your posts on New Orleans (love the town/will be there in Oct. for Crescent City Blues Fest).  Followed your site to some Phila. posts and saw the Birchrunville post.  I was excited to read it since we LOVE Birchrunville.  We travel through the dark for 50 minutes to get there.  Thank goodness for GPS now.  I don’t think in the 8-9 years that we have gone there that we have taken the same trail twice.  We went there last Thurs. (2/17) after a bit of a financial hiatus (we’re both self employed) and we’ll go back in April to treat inlaws.  It may well be the best BYO or restaurant in the county.
I noted in your pics that your portions seemed much larger than we have ever had and the chef has a rep for being difficult so getting a special dish for your friend was not something I would have counted on.  I want to go with you next time:-)  He does get flavors that no one else seems to get.
I’ll be checking out your blog entries for NO.  Can’t wait to be in the Quarter again!

Hello Julia,
I recently returned from my very first trip to New Orleans–a trek whose sole purpose was to eat large quantities of wonderful food.  It was fantastic. In preparing an itinerary and offering a glimpse of the sensibility of New Orleans my friend sent me a link to your blog.  You write with such refreshing easiness, and in a way that makes the city feel within touch.  I came home to find your review of Bambu.  It’s interesting to me for two reasons, one you are so open to go wherever.  Touristy spots, snobby, prohibitively high end, permissively strange, it doesn’t matter–you give a broad and accurate cross section of the city.  So many food writers are either shills for the middle of the road places or, alternately, hellbent on finding hot peculiarities that might make them appear shocking and au courant.  Both have their merits, I suppose,  but it’s so cool to see you don’t discriminate.  You go out and try everything! I think your blog profits from that openmindedness.
In the Bambu piece you made a (reasonable) derision of General Tso’s chicken.  I know what you mean that it’s Americanized–and it sounds and looks like the establishment made no concession to cultural accuracy, but some time back I found this fantastic piece in the New York Times Sunday Magazine which shed some surprising light on the origin of the dish.  I grew up in a white bread town in central PA and have spent the curious moments of my adult life trying to make sense of cultures foreign to me that are being turned on their sides for easier consumption, even as the true colors of the culture burn below.
Your writing was instrumental to one of the most amazing journeys I’ve ever taken.  We ate at many of the places you wrote about, and plan to do more dining out when I visit later in the spring.  Keep up the great work and thank you for putting it out there.
Warmest regards,

Dear Julia,
My family and I watched Man vs. Food last night and were excited to see your Black Sheep Restaurant post featured displaying that awesome USS Brooklyn sandwich. We live in Wisconsin and plan to vacation in Richmond in March. I cannot wait to get my hands on that USS Brooklyn sandwich!!!!!!!!!

Dear Julia,

Congrats! Your post ( ) is being featured on under Today’s Specials. I like featuring posts that talk about restaurants and places to eat in various spots around the country…will definitely check back into your blog!

Keep up the good work!
Jane Maynard


3 Responses to Reviews

  1. Pitabread says:

    Dear Foodgrapher,

    I am an avid fan of your website. Let me just say that I check it at least three times a day. I want to complement you for your fine writing and fabulous photos. You really “capture” the spirit of each restaurant you review and make me want to try each and every one.

    I started reading your blog after looking up “Pita Pit” in Google. I loved your positive review of the one on Magazine street. Actually, I live next to it and go all the time. I remember the Halloween decorations – they are very cool indeed.

    I’m not very adventurous with food. I had actually only eaten pita at Pita Pit! But based on your review of Phoenicia, my significant other and I went there and had the pita. Your review was spot on, it was very thin and warm and pita-y.

    Thanks so much I will continue to read your blog in the future.


  2. Inkyung Shin says:

    Great work here. I Love every single picture I see here and it makes to me to have a big appetite. I think you have a heart for this ART.
    Keep up your good work.

  3. Dr. Shin says:

    hey, Julia

    Seeing all those pictures, I feel so HUNGRY!!
    Very professional look!
    Good luck!!

    Dr. Shin

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