Huevos in New Orleans

4408 Banks St.
New Orleans, LA


I had heard about this Mid City gem so I was super excited when Living Social Deals had a coupon. I paid $7 for $14 value.

menu on the chalkboard

orange chili was interesting

I usually love neighborhood joints with menus on the chalkboard. My friend and I were excited to see not very many people were here so we placed our order and sat by the windows. Then we noticed a huge group of people come in after us and were super thankful for the excellent timing. Except we noticed that people that came in after us were getting their food orders before us. We didn’t even get our coffee or orange juice and people were getting egg sandwiches or omelettes before us.

After 45 minutes of waiting with no food or drinks, I went up to the counter to ask about our food and I saw their brilliant system of how they take orders! The orders that come in earlier lie at the bottom of the pile while the cook is taking orders that come in later from the top of the pile.  When I saw this, and how many more orders were on top of ours, I was shocked!

I think because I had mentioned that we had been waiting for our food for 45 minutes, they got to work on our order (FINALLY!)

apple fritter was delicious

We had ordered an apple fritter pastry which was just sitting there in the glass case (they could’ve at least brought out that and our drinks when we were waiting).

my friend had the blue jay special which was a Huevorito tortilla stuffed with eggs, cheese and chorizo with charred tomato salsa. the breakfast burrito was good but she had ordered a side of hash browns for $3. the amount that came out was ridiculous!

blue jay special

does this looks like its $3 worth?

I had the huevos con tamal because I figured it’s one of the most unique dishes on the menu., 3 pork tamales, 2 poached eggs w salsa verde. The pork tamales had a weak flavor (really really bland) and a mushy, unattractive composition. The poached eggs didn’t help. My favorite part of the meal was definitely the apple fritter (they’re known for their pastries) and if I were to go back, I would definitely get the Blue Jay special cuz the burrito was pretty good.

huevos con tamal

Huevos on Urbanspoon


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I'm a food aficionado with an interest in photography. Most of my restaurants will be in New Orleans as I will be here over the next few years. Every now and then you will see a post from Boston or Philadelphia too!
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One Response to Huevos in New Orleans

  1. Alison says:

    I totally agree about the huevos con tamal! I was so excited to try it and then it was bland bland bland. A big disappointment. However, the rest of my party enjoyed their meal so I look forward to trying other things.

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